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Astronomical Observatory

There are many reasons that make the El Torcal Astronomical Observatory (OAT) a privileged place from which to discover the Universe: it is in a Natural Area with its laws of protection in all its extension, at 1200 meters high, with excellent communications by roads from any Andalusian province to which we can add that El Torcal is the geographical center of Andalusia, and with other leisure offers in the Visitor Center that allow us to know more deeply this place, whose relief makes astronomical nocturnal observations have a special magic that make El Torcal a communion between heaven and earth.

As an Astronomical Observatory for Public Use, although it will devote part of its time to research, its own and with collaborations, its main objective is to allow citizens to enjoy and make use of a perfectly equipped facility nd outreach experience.

The Astronomical Observatory will have activities open to the public throughout the year, as well as activities specially designed for schools, or tourist groups. The observations will not only be nocturnal, there will also be diurnals with the Sun as the sole object of attention, so that, using different filters, we can contemplate the solar activity itself. It is a sensation of seeing the Sun “burn”!

Other activities that will be developed in the Astronomical Observatory of El Torcal are the planetarium sessions (for schools and upon previous request), courses, talks, exhibitions, workshops and others.

Duration of the sessions: 2 hours (aprox.)

Theme and level: It will depend on the interests of the assistant group, the level of this and the visible sky at the time of the session. In general, it will be the Moon and the planets (those that are visible), the stars, figures and constellations of the moment, and the bodies of deep sky (galaxies, nebulae, star clusters).


  • For the general public: The nocturnal observations will be mainly on Saturdays, and some Fridays of the year, except for specific dates in which an astronomical phenomenon of special relevance occurs in which its opening will also be considered (see activities of the month). The diurnal observations will be mainly some Sundays of the year. (see activities of the month)
  • For groups: Both night and daytime observations will be requested in advance and may be at the time agreed by both parties.

Schedule: Night astronomical observations for the general public will have the following schedule

  • From the last Sunday of March to August 31: From 10pm to 12pm.
  • From September 1 to the last Sunday of October: From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • From the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March: From 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Minimum enrollment: 10 participants.


  • General admission: € 8 per person
  • Under 12 and retired: € 6.40 per person
  • Groups: consult rates (600 703 700 – –

Contact: / /

It also includes packages of activities that include astronomy, routes, lunch / dinner and / or stays in hotel facilities and camping in the area: Night that awaken your senses

The activities can be hired to be taught also in English.


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