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Free visit for groups

In the case of the free visit for groups, both adults and school children, it is essential to communicate the visit. In this way, from the Visitor Center we can know the number of potential visitors each day and we can offer a better service.

To communicate the visit by groups, you must send an e-mail to or, with the following information:

  • Visit date and approximate time
  • Group name and origin
  • Approximate number of people
  • Contact information (in case of incidents, we can notify you)

This visit is for free and groups can travel any of the hiking trails marked at any time. They can also visit inside the Torcal Alto Visitor Center as long as it is available.


Signposted hiking trails:

The main marked hiking trails are the Green Route and the Yellow Route, circular and that run part of the Torcal Alto. Both begin in the parking lot of the Torcal Alto Visitor Center.
The Green Route is the shortest path (1.50km) and lasts approximately 45 minutes. This route is especially suitable for schoolchildren and groups with little time available.
The Yellow Route has the same beginning and end as the Green Route, but it extends its route into the “karst maze”. It has a length of 3km and approximate duration of 2 hours. This tour would be more suitable for students in the 2nd cycle of ESO onwards and groups with a certain physical form.
There is a third marked route, which is the Route to Rise to Torcal Alto (or “Orange”). It is a linear route and with some difficulty, so it is only recommended for hikers. This path connects the lower parking lot (next to the barrier zone) with the upper parking lot, where the Green and Yellow Route and the Torcal Alto Visitor Center are located.On all routes the terrain is very stony and irregular (the use of mountain footwear is required). In addition, with humidity (fog, rain), it is a very slippery terrain. They are paths not recommended for the elderly or with limited mobility.There is also a small access to the Mirador de las Ventanillas (100m), through a path adapted to people with reduced mobility. This access is recommended to anyone.

Visitor Center Torcal Alto:

Access to the Torcal Alto Visitor Center is for free. But in the case of large groups, please be done in an orderly manner and respecting the evacuation routes.

The group manager should always go to the reception desk before the group. In this way, the staff of the Center will be able to indicate if the facilities are available for the group to pass, or if there is another group and they should wait for a shift.  

Inside the Visitor Center you will find an exhibition area, souvenir shop, access to the Torcal Alto Restaurant and toilets.

In the case of school children, we ask that teachers regulate the step towards toilets in small groups. This will not collapse the facilities.

The opening hours of the Visitor Center vary according to the season: winter time (10am to 5pm – November to March approx.) And summer time (10am to 7pm – April to October approx.). On January 1 and 6 and December 25, the Center will be closed. On January 5, December 24 and 31, the Center will open in the morning (10 am to 2 pm).

Picnic area and Torcal Alto Restaurant:

In the surroundings of the Torcal Alto Visitor Center you will find a picnic area and the Torcal Alto Restaurant.

The small picnic area is free to use for any visitor and is located in the parking area of the Visitor Center. On very hot days, groups may use part of the Center’s porch (Center staff will indicate the area to be used by the group).

Please do not leave any type of garbage in the environment. There are several containers to recycle around the Visitor Center.

On the other hand, the Torcal Alto Restaurant has an indoor lounge and terrace area with impressive views (exclusive use for customers). In the case of groups, concerted menus are offered if desired.

The Restaurant has the same opening hours as the Visitor Center: winter time (10am to 5pm – November to March approx.) And summer time (10am to 7pm – April to October approx.).

Recommendations for the visit and rules:

The first thing that the visitor should remember is that the Torcal de Antequera is an important Protected Natural Area and we have to take care for the environment. In addition, due to the peculiarities of the terrain (rocky and rugged) and weather conditions, basic recommendations must be followed in order to enjoy the visit safely.

Recommendations for the visit:

  • COAT CLOTHING and raincoat or windbreaker. The Torcal de Antequera is more than 1200 meters high and the north winds are predominant, as are the dense fogs. Check the forecast wheather here.
  • MOUNTAIN BOOTS or sports shoes with good grip. If you are going to travel any of the marked hiking trails, it is essential to wear appropriate footwear. The use of sandals, heels and street shoes is totally discouraged.
  • Cap and sun protection, especially in the months of March to October.
  • Water and some snack.

Rules within protected natural areas:

  • It is recommended not to leave the marked trails, so as not to erode the land in excess.
  • Forbidden to collect mineral and fossil remains, cut plants and flowers, and disturb local fauna.
  • Prohibited to throw garbage out of the containers enabled for it. Organic remains (orange peels, banana peel, etc.) are also considered garbage.
  • Drone flight is not allowed.

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Do you want to see something else?

In addition to the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area, the region has numerous natural and cultural environments to visit:

Other natural parks:

The Natural Reserve of the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra is the largest inland wetland in Andalusia and, among its saline waters, it hosts the largest colony of common Flamingos in the Iberian Peninsula.

On the other hand, the Natural Site of the Gorge of the Gaitanes houses the renovated Caminito del Rey. An impressive path that runs through the canyon excavated by the Guadalhorce River over the years. But this environment offers much more to the visitor. There are several marked and public trails to enjoy nature in its purest state, without reservation or crowds.

Other options in the region for the smallest of the house can be the Lobo Park or the The Donkey Sanctuary.


And to see in the city:

Antequera, “monumental city”, has much to offer the visitor.

One of the essential places to visit in Antequera is the Dólmenes de Antequera Archaeological Site, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Also noteworthy is the Monumental Alcazaba, an old Islamic medina, in the upper part of the city and the innumerable churches and convents scattered throughout the city. Although we must not forget its museums and the rich gastronomy!

In summer the city wakes up at sunset with «Antequera Luz de Luna«, a complete program of cultural activities and guided tours to discover the most beautiful corners of the place.

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