El Torcal

Torcal de Antequera


Formation of the landscape The Natural Park of El Torcal is characterized by the impressive karstic landscape made of limestone. Its formation is due to a process that has lasted several hundred million years. For this we must go back… leer más

Wildlife and vegetation

Fauna Like the flora, the faunal presence in El Torcal has been conditioned in many cases by the intervention in the environment by man. The vertebrate species inventoried within the Site reaches the figure of 116, distributed as follows: a… leer más

The man and "El Torcal"

The presence of Man in El Torcal dates back to Prehistory, specifically the Middle Neolithic, finding archaeological sites in the Cueva del Toro. There are other sites that testify to the human presence in El Torcal VIII millennia A.C. Some… leer más

Uses and Resources

In the early days, the impact of man on El Torcal would be minimal, since we speak of scarce presence and small groups, whose livelihood was mainly based on hunting and gathering, later evolving towards grazing and cultivation, easier activities… leer más
Como llegar al Torcal

Cities near Torcal de Antequera

Antequera El Torcal is flanked by two population centers, to the north, the city of Antequera and to the south, the recent municipality of Villanueva de la Concepción. Antequera, a strategic city in Andalusia, due to its geographical location, close… leer más

Protected Natural Space

In Andalusia there is a large sample of ecosystems, the result of natural evolution and how to take advantage of resources by human beings who have populated and populate their territory. The great biological, geological and landscape diversity of Andalusia… leer más