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Ammonite Route


3 hours (approx.)
with interpretive stops


€12 – €10
Special rates for groups


not recommended for injuries or children under 6 years of age

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The Ammonites lived under the Sea of Thetys millions of years ago. But, how is it possible to find their footprints at the top of the Torcal de Antequera? That and much more is what you will discover on the Ammonite Route, thanks to our best guides.

  • Interpretive hiking route through the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area (unmarked trail, guide required). After the reception of participants in the CV Torcal Alto, the guide will welcome the natural space and explain the basic safety regulations, as well as the journey to be made. The visit ends again in the same Visitor Center.
  • Length (approx.): 4.50km
  • Type: Round
  • Terrain: Very irregular and stony
  • Difficulty: Low-medium (not recommended for people with knee, hip or ankle injuries, or children under 6 years of age)
  • Duration with interpretive stops (approx.): 3 hours
  • The guide will make various stops along the route of the Ammonite Route to interpret the landscape (geology, flora, fauna, history of man in the Torcal…)
  • Guided tour schedule (approx.): 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (morning shift – fall to spring)
  • Use of sufficient warm clothing and a raincoat. El Torcal de Antequera is a natural mountain area at more than 1200 meters of altitude.
  • Use of mountain boots or similar footwear. The terrain is very stony and irregular. Good footwear can prevent accidents and ankle sprains.
  • Bring drinking water and some food.
  • Due to the steep terrain of the Ammonite Route, this activity is not recommended for people with mobility problems, delicate knees or hips, or children under 6 years of age. The organization reserves the right of admission to people who do not meet the minimum requirements to make the journey safely.
  • Pets: pets are allowed in the Natural Park as long as the current regulations in protected natural spaces are complied with, always on a leash and under the custody of the owner.
  • Picnic: in the parking area there are several picnic tables and benches so that anyone who wishes can enjoy their food. The Restaurant and the tables on the terrace belong to a private establishment and, therefore, only the consumption of products purchased in the same establishment will be permitted. Please respect other customers and staff.
  • No smoking during the development of the activity.
  • Regular: €12
  • Reduced (under 12 years): €10
  • Special rates for groups from 15 people. Do not hesitate to request more information at

*This activity only covers the guide service of the monitors, the necessary materials and the relevant insurance. In no case is transportation to the places where the activities are carried out or supplies included.

** The activity will be suspended if a minimum number of registered participants is not reached. Please, check also the languague (is not English tour available every date). In such a case, participants will be notified by email (please check that you have entered your email address correctly in the booking form and also your “Junk Mail” or “SPAM” folder).

Torcal Alto Visitor Center. Participants must confirm their arrival at the information point of the Torcal Alto Visitors Center Please take into account the access restriction to Torcal Alto.

  • Departures in the morning (autumn to spring): reception of participants at 10:00 a.m.

How to get there with GPS? To get to Torcal de Antequera, the most advisable thing in this case is to follow the GPS indications to the city of Antequera and, once there, reprogram the GPS towards the Torcal de Antequera Visitor Center or the Torcal de Antequera Natural Park. The Torcal Alto Visitor Center (meeting point) is located 15km from the city of Antequera, along the A-7075 mountain road.


Un paisaje espectacular
Jesús Gabriel Sánchez Ramos
Jesús Gabriel Sánchez Ramos
Un museo para la imaginación con rocas que simulan todo un universo y estimulan los sentidos
Mariposa Entusiasmada
Mariposa Entusiasmada
El Torcal es algo mágico, no se lo puede perder nadie que ame la naturaleza
Nuanchan Senanikhom
Nuanchan Senanikhom

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