Guided visits

Guided tours are always carried out in small groups, with professional and specialized guides in the natural landscape and through unmarked paths. Therefore, guided tours always provide a more complete view of this beautiful landscape.

In the case of groups, we offer guided tours for schoolchildren and guided tours for organized groups, such as Travel Agencies, associations or groups of friends / families from 15/20 people. More information about rates: or 

For individuals, we offer several guided tours on specific dates, as a rule on weekends, holidays and Mondays. They are groups open to any participant and have a set schedule. Below are these types of guided tours for individuals:

el torcal a tu medida

Torcal for you

Torcal for you is a private and personalized guided tour, just for you. We guide you to the most beautiful places in Torcal de Antequera and accompanied by our best guides. An experience worth living in this impressive “sea of… leer más

Path of the Senses

In the Path of the Senses, touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste help us to understand the world around us, amplifying its beauty. And the Torcal de Antequera is the perfect setting to awaken all our senses. We accompany you… leer más

Route of the Ammonites

Ammonites lived under the Sea of Thetys millions of years ago. But, how is it possible to find their footprints at the top of Torcal de Antequera? That and much more is what you will discover on the Route of… leer más
antigua ruta roja

Old Red Route

We take you to discover the mythical Red Route of Torcal de Antequera, a fascinating route full of contrasts, from the mysterious karst labyrinth to the impressive panoramic views from the highest point of the mountain. If adventure is your… leer más

The Millennial Labyrinth

Sometimes we need to lose our way to find ourselves. On the route of The Millennial Labyrinth we take you to the heart of the karst labyrinth, an incredible geological formation full of mystery, to know the depth of the… leer más